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High School 5,000 Meter Course

  • Start - next to parking lot on Park Boulevard
  • Go around outfield of softball field to Park Blvd. sidewalk/bike path
  • Follow Park Blvd. to Grove St. (1 mile)
  • Pick up dirt trail that follows the Cooper River back towards start
  • Follow trail behind Erlton Swim Club and behind Camden Co. Parks building
  • Turn left at Camden Co. Stables and follow path around old ice skating pond
  • Path leads back to river trail
  • Turn right and go over blue bridge that crosses the Cooper River (just past 2 mile)
  • Cross field (50 meters), go across new bridge and deck that leads to path along opposite side of Cooper River
  • Follow path until bridge next to Kings Highway
  • Turn left and cross back over Cooper River
  • After crossing bridge go straight across field and up grass hill to opening in rail and turn left onto Park Blvd.
  • Follow Park Blvd. back past start to softball backstop
  • Proceed in the opposite direction around softball field towards centerfield
  • When you get to centerfield, follow directions to path next to playground
  • Follow path for about 150 meters to finish

Middle School 1.5 Mile Course

  • Follow same start as high school runners
  • Follow Park Blvd. to Erlton Swim Club entrance and turn left
  • Go straight down driveway until you reach path along Cooper River and turn left
  • Follow path along river until finish line (do not turn at stables, go straight over bridge along river)

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